The Director of Communications of the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has said that they have no evidence that Ebola graves were among the 250 that were robbed.

Kingtom Ebola Graves

He made this disclosure yesterday as the last four people in quarantine were being released in Magburaka.

Mr. Tunis said he heard the news and he too was shocked because if such had happened on those ebola graves, they would have been alerted and they would have taken all necessary action.

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He said it would not have been healthy for the country if these graves were tampered with as the corpses would still pose threat.

“Secondly, I don’t think these thieves will find anything on ebola graves because these people were buried on plastic bags and they were not buried with valuables. I am pretty sure thieves won’t find anything in ebola graves.”

The Director of Communications averred that presently the country is back to normal as there is no more ebola case around, but urged all to continue to follow the hygiene laws that will keep us safe.

He said they have shown that they have learnt from the past as they were able to control the outbreak few weeks ago. “We have the capacity now to avert any spread of the virus as we have learnt a lot in the past.”

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Mr. Tunis said people should not panic as Ebola graves are all intact as there was nothing there for thieves to steal.

Currently, the Freetown City Council has put security measures in these cemeteries to protect the dead from harassment from the living so that they will continue to have peace in their final resting places.