The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has recently arrested eight people that were administrators of certain WhatsApp groups on allegation of examination malpractice, the Commission said last Thursday.

Commissioners of Anti-Corruption Commission, Ade Macauley Esq. told reporters in a news conference in Freetown that, the administrators were arrested after question papers of the private West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) that is going on, were posted in some of these WhatsApp groups three days before the examinations were taken.

He said that they have traced the source of the question papers to Ghana and Nigeria, and they are in contact with their counterparts in those countries to make sure that they too deal with those found wanting in those countries.

He said those arrested have been handed over to the Sierra Leone Police because they are not public officials, adding that the police have the laws and jurisdiction to handle such people.

He said three months ago, the ACC acted on intelligence and arrested students who were taken an examination that they took two months ago.

The ACC Commissioner frowned at people who are blaming ACC for going after teachers, adding that “if teachers get away with corruption, then is like ACC is encouraging corruption in schools”.

“When you want to destroy a nation, you don’t need a nuclear weapon; just destroy the educational system of that nation – that nation is doomed for generation – that nation will have bunch of incompetent people as administrators, and a bunch of people without integrity,” he said.

He said recently ACC had interaction with teachers that are heading Integrity Clubs in schools. He said that they have realised that the fight against corruption is best won when they catch them young.

He said they are capacitating the teachers that are heading the Integrity Clubs to ensure that discipline and integrity are instilled in pupils.

“The children spend more time with their teachers more than the time they spend with their parents. This is why teachers have more influence in the children than the parents,” he said.

“We will not leave the education system to crumble,” he said.