Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Saturday 15th October 2016 estimated a whooping fiscal year budget of Le389,858,000,000(three hundred and eighty nine billion, eight hundred and fifty eight million Leones) at the budget hearing session at the Miatta conference hall in Freetown.

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While giving a power point presentation and a breakdown on the estimated amount, Adama Momoh, Director of Policy and Planning stated that the ministry needs an Administrative cost of 6,823,400,000 (six billion eight hundred and twenty three million four hundred thousand Leones) and also the sum of 1,766.7 of the budgeted amount will be directed to the Directorate of Planning and Policy in the ministry.

She furthered that the directorate of Educational programmes will be earning the sum of 61,080,700,000 (sixty one billion eighty million and seven hundred thousand Leones) while the Higher Education and Technical and Vocation Education takes 209,894,900,000 (two hundred and nine billion eight hundred and ninety four million nine hundred thousand Leones).

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Adama also noted that the ministry budgeted the sum of 996,900,000 (nine hundred and ninety six million nine hundred thousand Leones) to the Non-Formal Education and a sum of 113,200,000 (one hundred and thirteen million two hundred thousand Leones) to the Directorate of National Curriculum and Research.

She pointed out that the ministry projected the sum of 106,766,400,000 (one hundred and six billion seven hundred and sixty six million four hundred thousand Leones) to the National School Feeding Secretariat and a sum of 1,129,500,000 (one billion one hundred and twenty nine million five hundred thousand Leones) to the Teaching Service Commission.

Madam Momoh also asserted that the Ministry apportioned the sum of 1,286,300,000 to both the Directorate of Inspectorate and the Science and Technology Council respectively.

In outlining the key deliverables of the Ministry for 2017, Adama noted that the Education Ministry plans to enroll functional school broadcasting and education radio and that the ministry will be procuring 1.9million readers for classes 1 to 3 pupils in the country.

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She further stated that the education ministry will be embarking on a school feeding program for 1.2million pupils in government and government assisted primary schools and a functioning school feeding secretariat in the country.

Adama Momoh also pointed out that the education ministry will also get on an additional construction of 500 hundred class rooms in schools that are critically overcrowded and payment of fees subsidy for all government and government assisted primary school.

She confirmed that the ministry also intends to pay tuition fee for 150,000 girls in junior secondary school and also establish a new national curriculum for Technical Vocation Educational training centers across the country.