Former Ambassador to the United Kingdom in the President Koroma government, Eddie Turay, has reacted stoutly to the call made by Alpha Khan for the party’s current Chairman and Leader, Ernest Bai Koroma to relinquish his position.

The ex-chairman and leader who was ousted by Ernest Koroma in 2002, told The Satellite Press, in an exclusive interview at his residence at Cantonment Road over the weekend that, Alpha Khan does not have the right to ask Ernest Koroma to resign.

But rather, let him lead by example and resign from the party’s National Advisory Council, being the party’s highest decision making body, since he was brought into the party by Ernest Koroma, if he is not pleased with his leadership style, to show that he does not approve his policies.

The former APC majority leader and leader of government business in Parliament, said Alpha Khan had been in the system all these while and also held various ministerial portfolios, why didn’t he resigned as a decent gentleman, but instead waited until Koroma left power. He said, if Alpha Khan thinks that Ernest Koroma does not want to resign, let him be the first to resign, as his resignation should have been his idea of protest because he disapproves with what is happening and does not like the state of the party. ‘Let him set the example and resign, then he will have the moral standing to ask all executive to resign,” he urged.

He said, Alpha Khan should know that he is a stranger in the party, since he came from the People’s Democratic Party popularly known as ‘Sorbeh’ to join the party, and therefore, does not have the right, with all what Ernest Koroma has done for him, which he did not do for him as a party man, to ask him to resign was unfortunate. He said, in as much as they all want him to step down but perhaps, he is waiting for the correct time to do so, as he has already said it in a meeting that he is going to relinquish his position, since he has no intention to be in active politics.

Turay further noted that, Alpha Khan should know that Ernest Koroma is still Chairman and Leader of the party and to resign his position is subjective to him, because he has a term to lead, since his selection at the party convention which ends in December this year.

Nonetheless, he was quoted as saying, “If I were Ernest Koroma, I would have relinquished my position, but we cannot force him to do so, because he is legitimately occupying the position until the party’s next convention in December 2019.

“Except the party possibly take a vote of no confidence. But again, does not see how it happens because he has the support of the grassroots voters’.

He however, confidently stated that, despite the current state of the party, they are still building momentum to win the 2023 elections.