Editor’s Note: Few days ago, Sierraloaded’s contributor, Tamba Gborie uncovered a shocking report that President koroma has ordered a two, forty feet container of cache of arms and ammunition which arrived Freetown days ago.

In this new report, there seem to be a new twist to the story behind the ammunition, Read below!

By Tamba Gborie

It is now been made clear that the newly arrived arms were bought in Romania by Frank Timis through the directives of President Koroma of Sierra Leone, even though there is still an ECOWAS ban on purchase of arms and ammunitions by the government of Sierra Leone.

Interesting enough, the two-fourty feet containers of arms that arrived last week were to be ascribed to the sacked Vice President Sam Sumana.

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Sources in presidential circles in Freetown say some of the arms were to be hidden in the VP’s compounds in Kono and Murray town in Freetown.

A former aide to Sam Sumana was hired to confess that Sam Sumana brought in the arms for a coup against the government.

Sam Sumana would have then be arrested with several of his key supporters in the name of a coup plot. Unfortunately the new arms did not only delay in coming, but Sam Sumana left barely ten days before the arms arrived.

The president rejected an earlier suggestion from his military adviser to collect from the army some guns and ammunition from the army because president Koroma wanted to use new ammunition to show to the people of Sierra Leone and the world how devious and power drunk Sam Sumana was.

According to a young man called Nelson who has been doing very many dubious things for the president, “That was why the pa was very angry when he heard that the VP had left”.

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But according to Brigadier Harlsten, who spoke to a junior army officer, “I knew that the plan was dangerous, unfair and unjust”.

The heads of the army, Williams and the Police Boss, Francis Munu did not know about the dastardly plan of the president. Now that the arms arrived after Sam Sumana had left, they have all been packed now in Jui outside Freetown while a huge cache of the arms are at the Murray Town Ordinance in Freetown.

According to the Inspector General of police, “We have by default acquired huge arms and ammunition that we really do not need”.

The president’s security friend and driver, one Kaba, told another comrade that “The pa is worried that Sam Sumana taking his case to the ECOWAS COURT is the bad thing for the government”.

Asked why, Kabba said, “The pa told the judges that Sam Sumana will never leave the country so they should not worry that their decision will be over turned”. So the failed plan to set up Sam Sumana for a coup was the last idea gone bad.

The president’ s finance man, Victor told people that “The only plan good for the pa now is to be in power until he dies, otherwise many things will come out”. That’s the reason for the More time campaign right now.

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Before he was sacked, President koroma had facilitated the theft of Sam Sumana’s diplomatic passport. He is now accusing both the Foreign Minister, Dr. Samura Kamara and Head of Immigration Mr.Kolifa for preparing a new diplomatic passport for Sam Sumana.

Samura and Kolifa have denied the allegations and now fear that the desperate and unforgiving president will try to hunt them soon.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister is looking for a new job.

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