Residents of Upper George Brook, Dworzack Farm west of Freetown living in the Valley and Hillsides were hoping and praying for effective and better electricity suppy this dry season, but the present power situation in the entire community have left the people in doubt.

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They however blamed Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) for the constant power cut in the community.

The residents say several pleas have been made to the authorities, particularly the ruling party Councilor and the Member of Parliament, for the installation of additional mini transformers, but it would appear such pleas have fallen on deaf ears. As the area continues to experience intermittent electricity supply during the dry season.

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“We have now reverted to using Tiger generators to provide electricity for our houses largely due to the interrupted power supply. We have made several requests for the installation of more transformers but to no avail”, the residents complained.

According to them, “There is only one small transformer situated at the community center, which supplies the entire community. But it is not enough to satisfy the large number of people living here”.

They explained about the lower voltage given by the transformer which has been serving the community. They believe there is need for the installation of more transformers since the demand for power has considerably increased.

Kadiatu Titty Mansaray who resides in Dworzack Farm told News Watch that the place is not what it used to be, as there has been an increase in population with people residing now in the hillsides. “The demand for electricity has increase considerably and government needs to do something about it”, she said.

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Gibril Dauda Kamara who said he had spent all his lives living in the community has this to say: “You must be aware of the fact that the way and manner in which Dworzack Farm is planned is subject to natural hazards which can exact a devastating toll on property and human welfare”.

Since the end of the Civil war, he said, Dworzack has been left a bit behind despite the thousands of people living there.
“Massive migration flow from the countryside is also one of the major reasons for crisis as people in the interior moves over for the economic benefit of urban areas” he noted.

Again, he emphasized that the population of Dworzack community has been rapidly growing during the past two decades – with the rural-to-urban migration being fuelled by the civil war (1991~2001) with the large scale destruction of residential units, and the increase influx of people from the rural areas.

Mr. Kamara pointed out that the growth of population in their community has resulted in an accelerated growth of slums within the area which are equally crying for electricity.

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The ruling party Councilor, Sheka Lamin Dumbuya of Ward 384 in the Dworzack community informed News Watch that the lack of electricity supply in the area is an age old problem with so many challenges, adding that Dworzack is extremely big as it is bounded by Sumaila Town, Sammy Town and New England Ville.

He said since the end of the civil war, the massive migration has added to the population of the community.

Mr. Dumbuya pointed out that the population growth in their community has resulted to various social crisis. He said the average Sierra Leonean wants to have electricity in his house.

“The average Sierra Leonean does not care whether government have produced 15 megawatts or seven or six megawatts. What matters to him/her is that there is electricity, and as long as there is no electricity 24 hours, the government has not done anything. That is the way I want to structure it” said the ruling party Councilor.

He said since the people do not understand that they would continue to grumbling.

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It could be recalled that the President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2012 State opening of Parliament, according to published reports, promised to separate the Ministry of Water Resources from Energy to ensure effective operations of both ministries.

In the second Half of 2015, also, the ministry of Energy assured residents of the Western area with effective electricity supply and further encouraged the nation to exercise patience, but this assurances have left them in doubt.