Reports coming out of Lebanon indicate that one of the two companies involved in the Lebanon trash dumping deal has walked out of the arrangement.


Mamba TV reports that the Lebanon Agriculture Minister, Akram Shuhayyeb disclosed that Howa BV, the Dutch company has dropped out the trash dumping deal after failing to produce some of the required documents within the time allowed by the government of Lebanon.

As the trash crisis turns into an Arab-Spring like upheaval in Lebanon, both companies on the deal have been put under pressure to meet the deadline for exporting the trash. The second company is Britain’s Chinook Urban Mining International.

But since the news about the trash dumping broke a week ago, Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad have been appalled by the thought of dumping foreign trash into their country. A letter of acceptance which was signed by the adviser to the president, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, was presented to the Lebanese Government as part of the deal. In a press release, the office of the president of Sierra Leone issued a disclaimer and launched an investigation into the matter.

However, minister Shuhayyeb is quoted by an online Lebanese news agency, Kataeb as saying that the dumping plan in still on track as “the exportation process is set to kick off within 25 days”. What remains unclear is whether Sierra Leon is still the destination for the trash.