Drizilik - Ah De Go Dae Gbet

Grandmark Record’s Rap Artiste, Benjamin Menlik George who goes by the studio name Drizilik has unleashed his mind blowing new single “Ah De Go Dae Gbet” which has been the talk of the town for few weeks now.

Drizilik follows up the release of Pop Collar Video with “Ah De Go Dae Gbet”, a hip hop song fused with Bubu (native Sierra Leonean musical genre). This song sheds light on the day to day struggle of the average Sierra Leonean.

Although easy going and comprehensible, the rhythms and his delivery on the song would be very enjoyable to all listeners. The chorus further shows a defiant attitude of someone going through those struggles in order to make a living.

“Ah De Go Dae Gbet” will help you unwind as Drizilik thrills us with this contemporary delivery.

Use the play button below to listen to the DJ Rampage & Solo produced single. The song is not available for download but you can purchase it using any of these links: iTunes, Spotify or Tidal.