DoubleBangz - Gbashy Gbashy

If you have heard the remix to “Circulate” (or seen the video) in which the sensational DoubleBangz featured the Legendary Awilo Longomba, then you will know the standard this duo have set themselves.
And what a way to follow up to that catchy song which has now earned them 4 award nominations including the KORA Awards for “Best Group in Africa”.

Gbashy Gbashy” is a high tempo club banger, in which the duo have delved deep into the krio vocabulary to chant ironic and metaphoric laughter to their doubters “Gbashy Gbashy” “Bone koba eye”. ( KOBA: PLANET OF APES)

This song is also another step up for the duo as they continue to take a bigger stake into the Sierra Leone music industry or at least the perfect follow up to the popular Circulate.