Finda Diana Konomanyi, the APC government minister who is currently leading the charge of Bigamy allegations against opposition politician Alie Kabba seems to have been procuring some lies to deceive the public.

Finda Diana Konomanyi - Alie Kabba

It is no longer news that opposition politician, Alie Kabba is currently facing Bidamy charges that was alleged by His Ex-Wife, Diana Konomanyi.

Recall that both parties married in 2013 but the marriage didn’t last long before they divorced in year 2014.

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Stating her reasons for ending the marriage, Diana said that “Alie Kabba presented himself as Divorced from his two previous marriages. After I found out he tricked me into marriage, I let him know I will sue him for Bigamy.”

Speaking further, the local government minister debunked reports that the Marriage ended in Divorce. “I did not divorce him – as a Bigamous marriage can not end in a Divorce but in Annulment.

Diana Konomanyi

“I went for something quite different from divorce. I petitioned for a Nullification and it was granted to me by the High Court earlier this year. The marriage was a sham and was nullified on grounds of deceit and dishonest representation by Mr. Alie Kabba.”

It is also interesting to know that Diana Konomanyi said that She has been single all her life before the marriage with Alie Kabba.

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“I had never been married in my life and it is not out of lack of marriage proposals. I have been Single and never married until I agreed to marry Alie Kabba when he proposed to me in the year 2013.”, Diana wrote in the popular SIERRA LEONE ISSUES Whatsapp group last year.

However, It has come to lime light, evidences that Mrs. Finda Diana Konomanyi has been married before and her Marriage certificate open to the public.

Below is What 4Ps Media has to say about this latest development.

“The proverb; if you live in glass house do not throw stones, is true as the bigamy case between Ms. Diana Konomanyi, president Koroma’s Minister of Local Government is caught red handed throwing stones while she lives in a glass house. Ms. Konomanyi was married and went ahead to marry Dr. Kabba; a marriage which broke down within two years because of irreconcilable differences. Rumour mongers say Ms. Konomanyi is a control freak, who wants to be in charge of everything. In the home she wants to be seen as the husband who calls shut.

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By nature married men are husbands not house boys in their marital homes, no matter what the status of the man is; poor or rich. Dr. Kabba was unable to contain Ms. Konomanyi as a wife. He calls off the marriage to enjoy a peaceful life. According to reliable source while Ms. Konomanyi was married to Dr. Kabba at the same time she was involve in extra marital affairs. Coupled up with her attitude Dr. Kabba calls off the marriage and ask for divorce.

The Minister refused to grant Dr. Kabba divorce and sue for bigamy as a form of revenge for calling off the marriage. But this is not all there is more to the bigamy case than the ordinary eye can meet.

She sues her erstwhile husband for bigamy in Sierra Leone; where the justice system works only in the interest of politicians and the highest bidder. Despite overwhelming evidence that Dr. Kabba has no case to answer the Judge who presided over the case commit the matter to the High Court.

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Whilst the case is yet to be heard in the High Court it transpired that Diana was married. She did not divorce her previous husband and went ahead to marry Dr. Kabba. As fortune will have it Dr. Kabba divorced two months before he married the Minister.

Finda Diana Konomanyi Marraige Certificate

Ms. Konomanyi sees herself as victim of bigamy; this is no longer the case. The real victim of bigamy is Dr. Kabba as Ms. Konomanyi’s previous marriage held in the London District of Southwark is subsistence as her marriage certificate indicates.

Meanwhile a very interesting case is about to unfold as the hunter becomes the hunted in a politically motivated bigamy case. The fate of the Minister is now in the hands of Dr. Kabba who can destroy the Minister’s political career if he chooses to. Dr. Kabba is too intelligent to do so, he would want to focus on his political pathway.”