I have talked the talk and just started walking the talk, when APC struck. Nevertheless, I believe in this walk as long as it is for the suffering masses of my mother land.


Even as I sit in my jail cell, I wonder how and why this once beautiful nation called Sierra Leone became a “REPUBLIC OF FEAR AND HUNGER”. I have justified my actions to be warranting, considering the voicelessness of the voiceless who bear the brunt of a wicked and evil political assault on their lives. My recent travel to Sierra Leone to meet and engage with our voiceless brothers and sisters is an opportunity to witness, first hand, what they are going through on a daily basis. I therefore do not regret my stance against a corrupt regime that perpetuates so much evil on it’s people.

The regime itself is a “CULT” blanketed in a guise of a political party. It is a clique that serves only a selected few that are well connected and hail from the same tribal or geographical region. I have seen and tasted it all on this visit. It is a regime that will spare no one who attempts to not only disban them, but also anyone who dares challenging their status quo. I can therefore understand if an opposition voice is lacking.

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I am now a marked man. My former wife has been initiated into this cult and is collaborating with evil to nail my coffin. She is infact carrying the hammer, ready to strike the final blow. I have seen it all.

My fellow patriots, I am seeing the worst happening to me. It is just a matter of time. As a voice for the voiceless and marginalised, I might not see another day, or day light. But whatever happens to me in this my journey, do not weep for me. There are millions in Sierra Leone to weep for.

There is one thing I will promise you all. For every day light I see, I will not only speak for the voiceless and marginalised 99 percent, but will equally stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

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It can happen at any time. You can never tell the day neither the hour. But when it happens, weep not for me.

Even in my grave, I Alie Kabba, will always remain to be the people’s humble servant and their voice.