As the murder case of Sydney Buckle alias DJ Cleff continued on Tuesday in the High Court of Sierra Leone, Kadiatu Kamara and Ibrahim Sorie Kamara (15th and 16th prosecution witnesses) told the court that the 3rd accused during investigation admitted that the deceased (DJ Cleff) bade her a kiss before he left the alleged scene of crime.


In her submission to the court, Kadiatu Kamara, 15th prosecution witness further informed the court that the 3rd accused denied inviting the deceased to the party where the alleged incident occurred.

Questioned on the issue of not inviting the deceased to the party and the need to ask him out of the party, the accused, during the cause of investigation informed the police that when she saw the deceased during the party it was too embarrassing to ask him out.

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Elaborating on the documents tendered, detective Inspector Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, stated that the third accused also mentioned of the deceased having a fracas with an unknown man during the party in which she tried to intervene for peace.

During the cross examination of the 15th prosecution witness, defence lawyer, IP Mamie suggested to the witness that no post-mortem was done on the body of the deceased.

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Responding to this allegation, lead prosecuting counse, l A Sow cited the statement of Dr. Owizz Koroma, one of the prosecution witnesses, in which he said that “the body of the deceased was exhumed on the 10th of June at the Bo Lima Ebola Cemetery situated at Waterloo; when we exhumed the body, it was incomplete, the left eye ball of the deceased was punctured and the first three right toes were amputated. This is synonymous to some rituals.” The counsel argued that the said testimony shows that the death of the deceased was unnatural.

Meanwhile, prosecuting counsel applies for the 2nd and 9th prosecution witnesses at the back of the indictment to be dispensed with and the matter continues next Tuesday. [Awoko]