Government Consultant and Forensic Pathologist Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma attached to the Connaught Hospital and the Sierra Leone Police with the rank of CSP has on Tuesday 19th January 2016 before Justice Alusine Sesay of the High Court of Sierra Leone said the death of Sydney Buckle alias DJ Clef was unnatural due to the stab wound he sustained and his left eye removed.

Last Tribute To DJ Clef

The accused persons Baimba Moiforay alias LA Chocolate, Amara Kamara and Avril Orehdola Renner were charge with two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the charge sheet, it was alleged that, the accused persons on the Friday 23 May 2015 at Aberdeen Freetown conspired together with other persons unknown to murder Sydney Buckle alias DJ Clef.

The prosecution witness No5 Dr. Owizz Koroma in his testimony said on 3 June 2015, he was asked by the Assistance Inspector General of Police to visit the alleged scene of crime at the Aberdeen village together with the first accused LAC and some of his colleague officers attached to the Scientific Support Unit.

He further noted that, at the scene of crime where the first accused LAC reside, they went inside the store house to search where he observed that the Carpet was freshly removed from the room, adding that base on his observation, he instructed the scene of crime officer to take photos of the scene and collected traces and evidence which he did.

Dr. Koroma continues that, they further visited the Swimming Pool inside the compound and the security room where he collected broken pieces of glass with sample of the said carpet that was tendered in court as Exhibit X. He said the said exhibit was taken to the appropriate department at CID HQ for analysis.

“I further recalled the 10 June 2015, upon the instruction of the Chief Medical Officer and the request of the Corona of Freetown, I was asked to travelled to Waterloo Cemetery to exhumed the remains of the deceased for an Autopsy to be conducted which I did”, he explain.

PW5 further that after the Autopsy, he reduced his findings into written all pages date and signed by him. The said report was produced and tender in court as exhibit A1-5.

He went on to state the cause of death is as follows: He said the body of the deceased was incomplete with the left eye plugged out.

He said he also observed a two centimeter stab wound on the right part of his neck, the right jugular artery was severed due to the stab wound, damage to the cervical vertebrate was also noted.

He also said that during the time of the autopsy, he did not see any pre-existence disease in the deceased medical condition that could have accelerate his death. He died due to manual strangulation.

“ I my Expert Opinion, the cause of death was unnatural and the manner or mode in which he die was Homicide” he conclude.

During cross-examination by Defence counsel RV Robin Masson, the witness said he cannot tell whether the deceased died on the 23 May 2015 but he examined the body on the 3 June 2015.

He also confirm to the court that the deceased big toes and two others were amputated, adding that he did not notice that any Dog feast on it.

At this juncture, the state prosecutor Director of Public Prosecution Sulaiman Bah requested for an adjournment to prepare his next witness.

Justice Alusine Sesay however granted his application and remands the accused persons in prison and the matter was adjourned to 21st January this year for further hearing.