Disgracefully, heavy traffic congestion has returned on Wilkinson Road, Spur Road and Peninsular Road in Lumley west of Freetown.

The latest ugly development returned following the partial withdrawal of military police personnel who have been playing tremendous lead roles in managing traffic congestion in that part of the country.

It can be recalled that some few months ago, with recommendations from the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA), the service of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) was hired to enforce discipline and strict traffic management at Lumley.

The RSLAF then deployed a team of military police personnel at strategic locations on these roads and they have been very much successful in actively restoring and maintaining discipline and perfectly controlling both human and vehicular traffics all their period of deployment.

Unfortunately and sadly enough, the gradual handing over of traffic management to the Sierra Leone Police these few days has seen nothing progressive but rather serious backwardness in the area of traffic control and things are rapidly returning to where they were before RSLAF’s intervention.

As it was before the deployment of the RSLAF personnel on the roads, yesterday Monday’s vehicular and human traffic was in disarray. Traders using footpaths as market places to sell their goods, pedestrians walking on vehicle paths and drivers, keke and okada riders stopping and parking in disorderly manner.

These among other things, have left several questions in the minds of residents, especially road users, on the ability of the police to control traffic and above all maintain discipline which the RSLAF had instated during their deployment.

Therefore, residents are now calling on relevant authorities to renegotiate the contract with RSLAF and return its personnel on the roads.