Did president Koroma Undress Victor Foh Naked?

Victor Foh

This is the latest question among APC party members and in certain quarters around the country. Most people say yes the president undresses his appointed vice president Victor Foh naked in deliberate attempt to destroy Victor Foh’s chance of winning the APC national flag bearer convention slated for 2017.

Following his appointment as an unconstitutional vice president, Victor Foh said, “I have no agenda the president’s agenda is my agenda.” But as the president sack three of Victor Foh’s tribesmen, Moijueh Kai Kai, Musa Tarawallie and J. B Dauda from office his previous utterances has changed since his chance of winning the APC flag bearer contest is thrown into doubt.

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Victor Foh was hoping with the support of his tribesmen and friends in high positions in the APC and he, Victor Foh being vice president he fancies his chance of winning the APC party’s flag bearer contest. His hope is dashed.

When Victor Foh took up the position has vice president though illegal he shelves his constitutional rights and support the president wholeheartedly hoping to increase his chance of becoming the APC flag bearer for the 2018 general elections. The president has other ideas.

It is no hidden secret that Victor Foh’s popularity among the APC party members is growing as the potential flag bearer for the party; which to president Koroma is a threat to the chances of his heir apparent to the presidency.

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With three of Victor Foh’s tribesmen and staunch supporters for the flag bearer position are sacked by the president, Victor Foh’s chances of becoming the party’s flag bearer is one in a million chance; if not absolutely impossible.

The sacking of Victor Foh’s tribesmen and diehard supporters from high profile positions is nothing new under president Koroma. When the popularity and support of the elected vice president Alhaji Sam Sumana increased, president Koroma became jealous of the young man and instituted a campaign of hate of unlawful dismissal from office of his tribesmen, supporters and friends (mainly the Creoles) which destroy the young man’s chance of being the next president.

President Koroma has instituted the similar campaign against Victor Foh in attempt to make way for his cousin John Sesay, his heir apparent; a man who lack the right qualifications to lead the party.

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Many heads would have to roll for president Koroma to deny Victor Foh the opportunity to become the APC party’s flag bearer because the party’s entire life span is in the hands of Victor Foh. It was him who took his entire savings of Le60, 000.00 to register the APC party in 2000, when everyone was running away from the party for the part the party played in the two wars, the rebel war and the NPRC war.

As the saying goes APC is ungrateful to people who revive and resuscitate the party in different ways. An utterance many people will disagree with. The ingratitude many people associate with the party is caused by president Koroma, IB Kargbo and Yansaneh otherwise APC is a very good party to align with.

It is believed if the young generation of APC party members can take EBK, Yansaneh and IB Kargbo out of the party it will be a far better party than what it is today.