Former Minister of Information and Communications, Alpha Kanu is set to become the first government official who will be a victim of the current onslaught on buildings constructed near the Guma Valley Water Company, Sierraloaded can authoritatively report.

Alpha Khan

Alpha Kanu’s house is within the “Green Line”, an area where government has restricted building construction activities or engage in any development, Sierraloaded learnt yesterday.

Recall that the current acute water shortage in the country was not unconnected to illegal structures constructed very close to the Guma Valley dams, cutting of water pipes and illicit connection of pipes.

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The Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Maligie has in a recent Press briefing said that “All the reserve of water catchment areas have dried out and certain individuals have encroached on those places and constructed beautiful mansions.”

Momodu further said that most of those who have built houses in catchment areas are government officials and vowed that action would be taken against such individuals. “We are going to demolish those houses as soon as Parliament reviews the 1964 Guma Act and jail people who entered into such land deal,” said the youthful minister.

Malakie furthered that the Government would soon start demolishing those houses in all catchment areas Freetown and its environs to prevent further problems, a step that has triggered the current onslaught which Alhaji Alpha Kanu may inevitably suffer.

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Just last week, The Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Diana Konomanyi has commenced the demolition exercise and residents close to the Guma Valley community has confirmed that Alpha Kanu’s mansion were among the buildings marked for demolition.

It’s a dream house.  White.  Flowers all over.  The view is awesome.  The air fresh.  The mosquitoes can’t there –  too high,  too windy. The man who owns the house will want to bequeath it to his children,  and his children pass it on to their  grandchildren. It may all look like to a dream to Alpha Kanu right now as Diana Konomanyi has given a two weeks ultimatum to occupants of other houses that had already been marked to vacate the premises or get themselves demolished with their household properties.

It is just less than two months that revelations came that the Minister who has recently been appointed as a Special adviser to the President on Presidential and Public Affairs built an expensive mansion.

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There has been mixed reactions on social media over the million dollars worth acquisition with some of firm believe that the former minister is rich enough to own such mansion having been a successful business man before joining politics. However, other believes Alpha Kanu must have illegally enriched himself  having been linked with several corruption scandals during his time as a minister.

It’s unlikely that a man can invest such a fortune in constructing such a splendid house without getting all authorization from government agencies to do so – from the lands/environment ministry; the lands and survey department ; the Freetown City Council,  etc.  Did they fool the owner?  Did they assure him that he could violate the Green Belt law with Impunity? These among others are question dropping through the lips of observers as the fate of Alpha Kanu remains unknown.