In a jam-packed Court room yesterday before Justice Miatta Mr. Samba, what everyone interested in the Alie Kabba Trial had been waiting for happened – the Cross Examination of FINDA Diana Konomanyi by one of Sierra Leone’s Finests Lawyers, Francis Ben Kaifala.

Alie Kabba - Diana Konmanyi 2

In cross-examination which lasted over an hour before the case was adjourned, a very Confused and sweaty Diana confirmed that she had been herself married before to a Stephen Bockarie Jusu in London but she did not disclose that fact fact to the OARG or her husband ie Kabba. She also confirmed that she did not say the truth to the OARG. When filling the form for her marriage, she deliberately left to tick the box that says she is a divorcee and both her wedding certificate and all records falsely state that she was a SPINSTER – Something she could be tried for for providing false information for a civil marriage.

Lead Defence counsel also asked her if she had requested proof of the divorce from Mr. Kabba before marrying him but she said she believed he was divorced. She also confirmed that she did not know that a divorce could the place in the US even though the case for the divorce itself proceeded in court and that she did not know that that was the case with Alie Kabba’s divorce to his previous wife before marrying her.

Diana was also grilled about her marriage in Ivory Coast which when denied even though there is proof that she was a serial married woman. She was asked if she knew that it should be the previous wife complaining and not her. She panicked and started explaining unrelated issues which the judge admonished her to answer the questions posed by counsel

The packed Court room was impressed with the professionalism and tenacity of Counsel Kaifala who left no stone unturned for his client even though the Lands Minister tried to seek sympathy from the court so as to derail his work.

In all, the foundation has been laid by the Erudite Ben Kaifala for Alie’e innocence to be proved through no less a person than Diana Konomanyi herself as it is clear that this case was a witch-hunt.

The matter was adjourned to the 12th August for Diana to continue her ordeal at the hands of Lead Defence Counsel for Alie Kabba. It appears Diana and her state lawyers did not see what happened coming and they left the court room muttering in awe whilst Alie’s people smiled at a successful cross-examination of his biggest nemesis. [By Court Reporter James.]