Kono emerges triumphant as the council of paramount chiefs, MPs and APC district stakeholders endorse Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi for APC running mate.

At a dramatic meeting summoned by the Kono district council of Paramount chiefs, headed by PC Paul N Saquee, Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi, the Minister for Lands, was chosen as the Kono district stakeholders’ recommendation for APC running mate, come the 2018 elections.

The air was palpable with anticipation, and apprehension, at the prestigious Diamond Lodge hotel conference room in Kono last night as Paramount Chief Saquee spoke with candour and regality of the need for Kono district to cast off its cloak of disunity and act now, or risk relegation to the bottom of Sierra Leone political relevance.

Making it clear that they, the Paramount Chiefs, would not risk being caught amidst party politics chicanery, PC Saquee asked the APC Kono district leadership, which includes the Minister for Transport and Aviation, Pormasu Balogun Logus Koroma, the Minister for Lands, Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi, Resident Minister East, Karamoh Kabba, Ambassadors John Yambasu and Ngegba, all Kono district members of parliament, and senior APC district executives to choose amongst themselves a single politician whom they would recommend for consideration by H.E Ernest Bai Koroma and the national APC hierarchy as running mate to any future APC flagbearer for Election2018.

As we waited in apprehension, these respected stakeholders withdrew to consult and decided in private.

Their decision was unanimous, as Logus Koroma took the stage to announce and embrace Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi as their choice for Kono APC.

“Kono is one. We are no longer divided. It is clear to us all that the right person to spearhead our path in government is Madam Diana Konomanyi.”

Ever humble and always the super stateswoman, Madam Konomanyi, in a brief acceptance speech, spoke of her gratitude to not only Kono, but also the APC for having nurtured her, trusted her judgement and loved her as one would an only daughter.

“We must now focus on helping President Ernest Koroma serve our nation with the excellence and love he has always demonstrated. Now is not the time to rush, we should allow the President to work with his characteristic focus and patriotism “, she extolled.

In keeping the peace, our Paramount Chiefs have acted wisely. Many of Kono’s most notable personalities were present, and the choice was made in an atmosphere of cordiality that would be the envy of the other districts.

Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi, Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, is Kono’s recommendation for APC Running mate. We are at peace. We are one. We are Kono.