Honourable Karamoh Kabba who had earlier last year teamed up with Diana Konomanyi Kabba the Minister of Local Government to betray the elected VP Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, is on his knees asking the youths, the Chiefs and particularly the women for forgiveness.

Diana Konomanyi

According to Tamba Gborie, A source close to the Minister said; “Karamoh regretted his actions to the point he nearly shed tears for the part he played in the VP saga that cost Kono the presidency”.

The Minister’s apology came after a lengthy reflection on his relationship with Chief Sumana, narrating the helped he received from him when he first arrive to Sierra Leone from the US as a pauper. By the Minister’s own admission Sam Sumana is a brother who helped him a lot. He also admitted that they cooked up the stories about Sam Sumana that lead to the arrest of innocent people like Adamu, Sandi and several youths and women in Kono.

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He confessed that the elected VP had nothing to do with the the problems in Kono. He went on to say that African politics is a dangerous game to play having realise the gravity of the damage they have done to their land and people.

He concluded by saying “This was not our intention, all we wanted was to isolate him for sometime but not to sack him. The whole thing happened like a flash. This was not what we wanted”.

Well, these are the words of Karamoh Kabba one of the people who lied and betrayed their own brother. It now appears reality is sinking in and the conspirators have begin to realise the political damage they cause to their land and people.