President Koroma unavoidably was seen tapping his shoulder and saying in a plain language, “detractors must be treated like flies.”

President Koroma Wellington- Masiaki Launching

He said the above words as he indirectly react to words negating his government in a recently released music album of one of Sierra Leone’s finest musical lyrics, Emmerson Bockarie.

The music states nonetheless that the Koroma government is full of “Munkus” novices, who no doubt have had no time doing things reflecting standard and objectives, but rather selfishly engaging in the building of houses and amassing wealth for themselves.

Titled Survivor, the album is but a hot cake in the market and reports are that over twenty five thousand copies have been sold.

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However, and because the message in one of the musics of the album Survivor, “Munku boss pa matches” seem not go down well with the Koroma’s government, the counter slogan as in lips of especially ministers of government is “we Munkus are now ruling the civilised of society.”

Below is the raw and unedited comment of President Koroma: