The defence team in the DJ Clef murder trial yesterday changed their initial strategy of the accused giving evidence on oath to relying on statements made by the latter to the police.


Mbamba Moiforay, Foday Amara Kamara and Avril Oredola Renner were charged with the alleged murder of David Sydney Burkle aka DJ Clef.

I.P. Mammie, representing the first and third accused persons, told the High Court, presided over by Judge Alusine Sesay, that the defence team had unanimously agreed that they would now rely on statements the accused persons made to the police. Earlier, the matter was stood down as a result of the absence of one of ten jurors.

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When the juror show up after twenty minutes, Judge Sesay admonished that the trial was almost coming to an end and that jurors must avail themselves in court and on time as they were at the most ‘critical and crucial’ stage of the trial, and urged that they are ‘attentive to follow the trend’ so as to reach tangible and factual judgement at the end of the trial.

Meanwhile, he slated 10 August for the defence to address the court. Pious M. Sesay and Hindolo M. Gavao are the other defence lawyers.

The accused persons are alleged to have murdered their victim on Friday, 25 May, 2015 at Aberdeen, while attending a birthday party of the third accused (Renner). They trio have pleaded not guilty to the charges.