The High Court of Sierra Leone today Friday 6th October 2017 convicted 6 Armed Robbers for the offences of Conspiracy and Robbery with Aggravation.

Augustine Omaska (aka G-Father), Daniel George, Claude Nahas, Thomas Mando (aka Love-T), Aruna Bangura (aka Akon) and Steven Joel Smart were all arrainged on 2 counts indictment before the High Court at its Special Criminal Session Holden at Bo.

The State had alleged that all 6 accused being armed with guns and Machete planned and attacked residents in Pujehun Town in March 2017, robbing peaceful habitants of valuable properties including fiscal cash.

The Prosecution led by State Counsel Joseph A.K Sesay argued that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th accused conceived and initiated the plan to rob in Bo and the 6th accused being an OSD personal at the time provided his motor bike for the 1st, 2nd (also an OSD personel) and 3rd accused who left for Pujehun to meet the 4th and 5th accused and executed their plans to rob.

The State Prosecutor futher argued that at about 2 AM on the 3rd March instant, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th accused attached residence and offices at Pujehun Town and being armed with gun and marchete robbed people of valuable items and on their return to Bo the 1st, 2nd and 3rd accused were apprehended. The 2nd accused who was a serving OSD personel provided unconvincing explanation at a checkpoint at Bontiwa as to their purpose of travelling at that time of the night with items in a backpack.

The defence led by A.B. Sannoh Esq, with M.Korie Esq and R.S Bangura Esq contended that the accused were wrongly identified as the incident occured late into the night and that the 6th accused was never seen at Pujehun as he was always in Bo.

The Jury having agreed with the case as presented by J.A.K Sesay , unanimously returned a GUILTY verdict on both counts for all 6 accused. Hon Justice Monfred Momoh Sesay JA accordingly convicted all accused and hand down the maximum penalty provided by law. The convicts were accordingly sentenced to death by Firing squad and they shoud be executed at a public place. All 6 accused can appeal their convictions and sentences within 21 days.