The presenter of the popular MONOLOGUE RADIO PROGRAM Dr. David Tam Bayoh has said in Freetown that both the APC and SLPP are economically bankrupt with nothing in their various bank accounts.


“There’s no single cent in the Bank accounts of both APC and SLPP” he stressed.

He said President Koroma is surrounded by some “Halaki People” who advise the President wrongly.

He revealed that alot of people who sponsored the APC party in 2007 are presently in Freetown to secure the jobs they were promised by President Koroma in return for their sponsorship, noting  that the President is presently under pressure from these people.

“The President is also fighting with the old APC ‘Alagbas’ because he want to help the young people” he claimed.

He added: “APC and SLPP are the two biggest and oldest Political partys’ in Sierra Leone and much is expected of them”.

David Tam Bayoh said SLPP is on fire as there’s no peace within the party, adding that the SLPP is not correct.

According to David, SLPP is incapable to handle national issues as of now because  they cannot speak with one Voice.

He said authority in the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) speak through the sides of their mouth. And emphasized that
the SLPP is in chaos.

He admitted that despite the divide within the party, its still maintained a bed rock of loyalty to both the party and Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio.

He explained that despite the poor living  conditions of certain Sierra Leoneans, yet there are many who are willing and ready at any moment to vote for SLPP.

He alleged that the just concluded Supreme Court case involving Alie Issa Bangura and the SLPP Executive had divided the party by de-limiting the party population.

“The Executive would have manage the registration of Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella because whether he win or not alot of people will still leave the party as it happened in the case of Osu Boi in 2012” said Tam Bayoh.

He bluffed that if he was to advice SLPP on KKY’s registration such crisis wouldn’t have happened.

He disclosed that the Leadership of SLPP is accused of been closed to the leadership of APC.

He asked that how can the SLPP assured Sierra Leoneans of carrying their loads when they stand accused of playing balls with the APC behind the scene?

He maintained that a lot of allegations are coming out that authorities within the SLPP had sold out to APC.

Some aspirants, he said, had made certain statements on radio when they returned from abroad which had left alot of people in doubt on their credibility.

He further disclosed that by 2016 SLPP will start conducting it lower level elections.

He opinioned that alot within the SLPP believes that a northern should lead the party now because they have been left out for far too long. He explained that in 2007 and 2012 the party was led by a southern  and suggested that in 2018 the party should be led by a northern, eastern or western.

Speaking on the attitude of the Sierra Leone Police, he said AIG Menuna Conteh-Jalloh had been taken the laws into her hands for far too long  and that she must respect the rights of the citizens.

He said Menuna should know that government comes and go, adding that APC must go one day and therefore Menuna should be very carefull when carrying out her duty.

He noted that AIG  Menuna should not over exaggerate her important by locking up people in cells on the grounds that she is APC. He called on Menuna to stop exercising her power in excess.

He cautioned AIG Menuna to be carefull in her harassment in  the eastern part of Freetown because its   a lumpen breeding ground citing the case of Bambay Kamara.