APC’s lower level Selections process resulted in serious skirmishes in number of constituencies in the Western Rural and Urban Areas and some parts in the Northern Region.

In Waterloo constituency 108 (Formerly 94), supporters of competing candidates cruelly and sadistically resorted to using cutlasses and other offensive weapons against one and another.

Same has come following accounts of APC’s reported implementation of its customary selection of officials to political and executive positions at lower levels as well as presidential.

Facts are that the windscreen of the vehicle of the APC Western Area Chairman and of course Minister of Trade, Alieu Pat Sowe, was destroyed by the driver of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Kemokoh Conteh.

And that the said driver was in turned given a serious beaten, later kept in smelly Police Cells at the Ross Road Police Station.

The intensity of the situation was transported to the house of the APC East District Chairman commonly called Agba ‘O’

Throngs of party supporters even demonstrated at the State Lodge where President Koroma, who happens to be the Chairman and Leader of the APC, is residing.

Their complaint was that “even though the APC has right to selection, the process should be done through thorough consultations and not lightheartedly.”

They claimed there wasn’t any consultation done, rather few people just decided to choose those they favoured.

Also, in constituency 129 (formerly 108), supporters claimed “the lower level elections was to have been held at Vine Memorial Secondary School at Congo Cross, but was done at an undisclosed location around Tengbeh Town in the house of the vice chairlady.”

The APC supporters of that constituency said, ‘if the party continues like this, fixing people in the constituency just like that, they will certainly not vote for the party in the 2018 elections.’

But the party’s Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansanneh said the APC does not believe in the convoluted explanation of democracy, that as far as the party is concerned, any person (s) aggrieved with the process should complain to NAC.

Observers say ‘if the APC has started getting things wrong in the conduct of its lower level elections, there is all likelihood they will get it wrong at the district, regional and national levels.