Last August, N’mah Sesay noticed a strange withdrawal from her account at First International Bank (FIB) on Charlotte Street in Freetown.

First International Bank Lumley

She checked her account statements and noticed a Le5 million shortfall. She alleges that someone at FI Bank withdrew the money without her consent or knowledge. When bankers were confronted with the issue, Sesay received no adequate or proper explanation as to where the money went or why it was taken from her account.

Sesay continued to describe the situation as a “dupe” and made a formal complaint to the Managing Director, but there was no response.

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Sesay said, a legal notice was sent by her lawyer to FiBank Management on two different occasions. The Bank failed to respond nor reply.
“She said, “I have decided to drag the bank to court for failing to address her issue.”

In her testimony before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie of Court 3, Sesay said she’d been a customer of FI Bank since June 2010.
The matter was adjourned to the 22nd February, 2017. FI Bank was not present and will be subpoenaed for another court appearance.