There are several countries that are facing poverty in many aspects, particularly the children in Sierra Leone.

According to the current report “2016-2018 Strategic Plan”, in Sierra Leone, statistically 55% of children are facing poverty and this hits them harder than anything since they are not aware of their predicaments.

Besides poverty, there are many problems that children face; it is unfortunate that these obstacles overpower our youth to the point that they sometimes don’t see the positive potential in themselves to go further in their lives.

One of the problems that children in Sierra Leone face is the lack of education. From many aspects, I have been informed that it is almost impossible for children to reach the university level in Sierra Leone.

Did you know that only 45% of the children start primary school at the age of six and only 37% of children between the ages of 12-17 reach the secondary level of education? It is due to the high costs of tuition that children cannot afford to finance their education.

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Another problem that children face here is that they start life early. Starting life early means instead of finishing their education, they are starting to marry early, work early and even have children early. When children in Sierra Leone are facing poverty, they also face a number of problems such as child hunger, child abuse, child labor, orphan life; there are many problems that goes on.

The problems are prevalent but the question is what are we doing about it as a nation? What are the goals to reduce poverty and give children of Sierra Leone a better life?

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The National Commission for Children (NCC) is an organization partnered with the government that protects and promotes the rights of children all over Sierra Leone. Their mission is to protect and promotes children’s rights and welfare through coordination, collaboration and monitoring of the implementation of the United Nations Convention.

With the government, they have collaborated on a strategic plan to strengthen the lives of children in Sierra Leone. By 2018, the plan is to strengthen the education system to the fullest potential, reduce child labor and teenage pregnancy. [By By Fatina M. Bangura]