Vandy Konneh, honorary executive member of the ruling All People’s Party has stated in a press release issued on the 27th January, 2017, at his office at Fort Street that the official mandate of the current APC executive as headed by President Koroma has expired since 13th May 2016.

Ernest Bai Koroma At APC Campaign

This he said is provided for in the APC constitution of 1995. He has therefore requested for the announcement of a date for the party’s convention.

“I hereby write with utmost diligence, asking the current leadership of the APC declare date, time and venue for the reconstitution of the party at all levels as expected or made mentioned of in the party’s 1995 interim constitution,” the release stated.

Vandy stated in press statement that he has sent a letter dated 31st May, 2016 to the APC leadership, reminding him of the constitutional mandate but is yet to receive any response from him.

He revealed nonetheless that it was unprofessional of the executive of the APC not responding to letter sent them, which to him is disturbing of the party and contravenes the human dignity and of course democratic and good governance values in accordance with the party’s interim constitution of 1995.

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The release also stated that the party is expected to present lawful delegate lists to enable all intending aspirants to campaign their voters for votes.

The aggrieved APC member revealed that he has written several complaint letters in accordance with provisions of the party’s constitution of 1995 against members of the party for doing things violating laws of the party.

He pointed out that in an event his concerns are not adequately addressed by the party, he will be compelled to take legal action against the party.