In a feat of anger, the coordinator of ‘Accountability Now’ has threatened to commence protest after 12 days if the Management and Staff of GUMA Valley Water Company failed to provide drinking water for the entire Freetown.

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‘Accountability Now’ is a civil society organizations that call on public officials to be accountable to the general public.
“We are calling on GUMA Valley Water Company to provide safe clean and hygienic drinking water for the people of Freetown or resign their positions within the next 21 days,” Williams Sao Lamin demanded.

He said if the management of GUMA failed to resign their positions he would call on well meaning Sierra Leoneans and other civil society organizations to stage a massive demonstrations in Freetown particularly at State House so as to register their plight to the President.

“We want the entire management to quit, if at all they can not provide access to water facility for the people. And if they fail to resign, we will definitely call on all the CSOs and well-wishers to stage a protest at State House,” he threatened.

“If you are working in an institution and you just can’t perform and have failed, you should resign, that’s how it happened in Europe. However, we strongly believed that Guma had failed and its management should resign,” he insisted.

Lamin concluded that a lot of humanitarian organizations has given money to Guma to facilitate the provisions of drinking water for residents in different parts of Freetown.

Penultimate week, precisely Thursday, May 5, 2016, the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL) also raised several concerns over shortage in the supply of access to clean, safe and affordable water for drinking and other purposes in Freetown.

“HRCSL note that water is a basic necessities and the provision of adequate clean and safe water is an indispensable precondition for social-economic recovery during the post Ebola era,” said the commission.

The commission urged government in particular the Ministry of Water Resources, Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) and the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) to ensure that residents in the Municipality and its environs are provided with sufficient water.

They are equally calling on water companies to ensure that safe drinking water is available and accessible in areas where availability is limitevt. Yhsxed or non-existent.

Its further suggested that water tanks be located in strategic areas around the country and must ensure the supply of water at those locations as was done during the Ebola crisis.

“Community leaders must ensure that water sources in their localities are secured and protected from destruction in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of water supply,” Commissioner Brima A. Sheriff advised community leaders.

Meanwhile, the Public Relation Officer of the Guma Valley Water Company, Joseph Musa is blaming the crisis on people constructing houses at water catchment areas.

He said they would not resign as demanded by Williams Lamin and further dismissed claims that Guma received money from organizations. He added that they only money they get is what they collect from consumers and government.