RFM Branch in Sierra Leone has been thrown into disarray with backers condemning their artiste’s featuring of Davido. Absolutely, criticisms are heaped on the RFM star latest single, Festus Marcus writes.LAJ-King_Boss

It is alleged that some of the financiers in Sierra Leone expressed utter shock at the featuring and subsequent music released by the artiste. They described the songs so far released by LAJ as “utter rubbish that lacks the true sense of what RFM represents”.

Entertainment writers have also thrown their criticism at the featuring by describing it as ‘unprofessional’ .

One of the fore writers, who wants to remain anonymous spoke to our reporter that “this was not what was expected from laj after all the publicity and the hype from the social media about his coming back. He disappointed most of us but that’s just what LAJ is. He seems to be forcing his way in to rap music but he is below par”, He said.

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Sounding the opinion from rap listeners have proven to be devastating for the RFM rapper. Many said they were expecting a hit that would have depicted a real come back. “I have listened to the mix tape done by him and also that which was done with LXG and Davido, to be honest I am not impressed”, one ardent rap listener spoke to us.

How did two of the RFM crew react to these criticisms. Muhammed Atis Bah, formerly an ardent Black Leo supporter now an RFM pusher said “what would you expect from haters”, he asked. He continued that “whatever you do they would not be pleased but we are here to please our fans and nothing else”.

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Another RFM pusher simply named as SOS Moni -who also was an ardent Black Leo fan turned RFM , blasted the critics as hobbling in the Sierra Leonean mentality. SOS remarked that soon they were coming to sink the other rap groups in the country.

LAJ have been missing from the rap scene after his detention in an American jail for an alleged identity theft and credit card theft. He spent about two years in prison and since his release, he had promised to hit the rap community with a bang. However, his claim has not been proven to be so.