Sources close to the Sierra Leone Police have intimated Salone Times that there is a whole lot of corruption in the training and recruitment of police officers into the Africa Union Peace Support Mission.

Francis Munu

Police Officers who are unhappy with the selection process told SALONE TIMES that some senior police officers are slotting in their relatives and girlfriends into the peace support mission of the Sierra Leone Police.

Another concern is that unlike the Military where everyone has just one chance of two years to go to the peace mission, list published has names of police officers who have had a previous stint leaving behind thousands of their colleagues who would want such opportunity.

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This to the dismay of many, names displayed on the notice board of the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters at George Street has over ten names of people who have gone once been selected to go again.

When contacted about the issues, Police authorities rebuffed the accusations.

They referred to the officers complaining as those who were unfortunate to make it through the selection process. ‘This is not even the final selection.

The final selection is done by the International Peace Keeping Mission, members of whom are not even Sierra Leoneans.

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The selection is done exclusively on merit.’ Commenting on the recycling of officers, the Police Media Officer said that officers could have a second stint after a lapse of five years of first stint.

It should be noted that Police Officers who have gone to the Peace Keeping Mission are using the Peace Support Mission to upgrade their lives when they returned home.