This press has been briefed about a letter written by the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Hon. Abdulai Charm to the Executive arm of government in which the Chief Justice told the Executive arm that he will not be working according to its requests to get rid of contract judges, those judges who have passed the retirement age of 65, judges close to retirement age and to also transfer junior judges to the provinces where there are no judges to preside over matters in the High Courts there.

In the letter the Chief Justice also turned down another request to promote certain judges to the Supreme Court who are long overdue to become Supreme Court Justices.

According to pundits, the letter in which Hon. Charm cited reasons why he was not going to comply, is more or less an open defiance to the authority of the Presidency.

Hon. Charm said among other things in his letter, that the promoting, dismissal and transfer of judges are administrative matters to which the Executive arm of government has no powers.

It was a few months ago that the Executive arm of government requested to the Chief Justice that he gets rid of those judges who have passed their retirement ages of 65 but are still working on contract in the Judiciary so that there will be space in the Judiciary for qualified and younger judges to be promoted to the Supreme Court. The Executive arm also requested for some other judges to be sent to cover courts in the Provinces where there are courts but no judges.

In his letter to the Executive arm of government, Hon. Charm turned down the requests flatly.

To rub salt to the injury already caused by the Judiciary against the Presidency, Hon. Charm, past Wednesday, called a meeting of over 30 Justices at the Conference Room of the High Court of Sierra Leone where matters were discussed which this press has been privy to and which will never go down well with the Presidency.

In our edition tomorrow, this press will inform its readers of that meeting starting with the action taken against all the judges before the meeting started, what was said by each judge present at the meeting especially the most vociferous among the judges, a female Justice and the conclusion which was arrived at.

Very interesting read to close 2018. This press shall also be asking its readers to tell it what they think the Chief Justice actually has in mind by convening such a strange meeting never before seen in the history of the Sierra Leone Judiciary.