The Assistant Inspector General of police (AIG Memuna), attached at the eastern part of Freetown was closely monitored and intercepted by the all enviable presenter of the good governance radio program “ONE and ONE” sometime last week.


In his usual radio program, Dr. David Tamba Bayoh exposed how AIG Memuna was red handedly caught back biting him without she knowing the fact that he was a man of everywhere and anytime.

Presenting the matter, Dr. David Tamba Bayoh clarifies his position as not wanting to be a minister of this government but couldn’t criticize president Koroma’s resent appointment as he doesn’t like been considered a “dog in a manger”.

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Listening to an audio clip by Dr. David Tamba Bayoh in his program, which shows clarity of understanding that AIG Memuna is a profound anti Sam Sumama supporter, Madam Memuna turns an advertiser of president Koroma’s decision of sacking his elected vice president.

The mentioning of names has been the usual habit of this congosa police officer as media practitioners now confirms such attitude of hers, which is certain in the clip.

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The million Dollar question would be a signal, if cynic dispositions could paint of red against her and ask of what action it will be from the head of the police “IG Munu” or the police compliant board. Need I say they seem birds of the same feather therefore no action could actually come out of such manner of abuse of office? “Salone Na Dae Same”.

It may surprise this country to note that the Assistant Inspector General of police (AIG Memuna) takes Le2, 000,000 for the usage of the Atuga mini stadium for which accountability fines it absence after payment.