Dressed in a swaggering black and red baseball cap, tightly fitted black tube top, pink skin tights and flat shoes with a matching purse; she stood under the drizzling rain braving the cold evening wind without an umbrella or a windbreaker dragging deep on a cigarette while looking for clients.

Awoko Entertainment caught-up with Isatu Bangura 20yrs (not her real name), – a commercial sex worker to narrate her story.

After few minutes of making small talk and giving her a can of Carlsberg stout she decided to narrate her story. This is the confession of a prostitute.

“I was living with my parents attending secondary school. When I got to Senior Secondary School 3 (SSIII) I wanted to stop going to school but my parents won’t let me. They wanted me to study and go to college but I was not cut-out for this, so I decided to leave home and co-habit with a friend. I was now living on my own without support from my family and I got bills to pay so I decided to start hustling.

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“I’m in it for the money. I do not fall in Love. I tried it once but I was disappointed so now it’s strictly business- ‘money na hand back na gron.” It’s so hard to find serious men these days, majority of the serious ones are married and the bachelors’ ho! They want to eat the cookie first before having a relationship. In most cases after eating the cookie, they just vanish into thin air. How long would you be giving the cookie free before having a relationship? This is why I don’t do relationship. I might change my perspective if I find a man who can shelter me, feed me and provide all my basic needs, but I’ll continue to hustle, until I find that man who would provide for me. As for now I need to pay the bills and take care of myself.”

She further explained, “I’m a member of an Osusu scheme in which we deposit Le. 20,000 everyday. It is this Osusu money I use to pay my bills and take care of myself.”

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Also adding, “if men want to have sex without condoms they need to pay more. I’m not afraid of sexual transmitted diseases because every month I’m injected and it flushes every disease off my system. What I don’t tolerate are men with big joysticks. When I menstruate, my stomach pains severely, so if I allow a man with a big shaft to rock my boat then my boat would capsize before reaching it’s destination.”

She went on, “the street is a jungle, we have police harassing us and thugs are robbing us… but we still survive we are lionesses in this jungle, we know how to treat them.”

“Anyways that car coming is my client, I got to go.” She walked like a hellcat towards a green Nissan salon car and bent down the window seductively sticking her butt up…. Hmmmm my time for questioning was up.