Girl presumed to be a club-girl has been accused by Arnold Williams a Consultant at the Population Council Sierra Leone and his friend Abdul Bah, of allegedly stealing the sum of forty two million Leones from them.

Prostitutes At Night

The accused Naomi Fomba was arraigned before magistrate Manuela Harding at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No.2 on Tuesday to answer to three count charges of stealing, stealing forty two million Leones and escaping from the police.

According to the particulars of offence, it was alleged that the accused on the 22nd of October this year, at Beach Road in the western part of Freetown stole the said amount from the residence of the two complainants.

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In his testimony before the said magistrate, the first prosecution witness, Arnold Williams told the court that on the said date himself together with the other complainant went to the Warehouse Guest House. There according to him they met the accused and her friend.

“After my friend spoke with them, we took them home”, the witness explained. He said the money was given to him by the second complainant. It was at this juncture that the matter was adjourned.

Prior to the adjournment, the defence counsel A. Conteh applied that the accused be put on bail. Although the prosecution did not object to the application, the magistrate however ordered that the accused remain in remand until the next adjourned date.

The matter will come up on the 8th of November. Meanwhile her ally was said to be on the run.