Police in Lumley have arrested and charged 26 young people associated with gang crime in their recent clamp down on the high rate of “indiscipline and lawlessness” in the area, according to Local Unit Commander, Chief Superintendent Reuben Shyllon.

Police-Sierra Leone At Kailahun

LUC Shyllon, a 20-year veteran officer, assured the public that, “petty crime cannot be totally eradicated, but some ill-motivated citizens who deliberately want to disturb the peace of the public will be hunted by the police and brought to book, noting that unemployment does not warrant someone to become lawless and go on the rampage to cause mayhem”.

On the issue of cliques and gangs, LUC Shyllon said, “there are several factors responsible for young people to be lawless, but that does not warrant them to go the extra mile to terrorize innocent people, to the extent of killing for material pleasures”.

Over the years, the police, in partnership with the community, achieved a lot in terms of improving community and police relationship in fighting crime especially pick-pockets and armed robbery, which occurs at all times – around the clock, added LUC Shyllon.

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Chief Superintendent Shyllon maintained that, the duty of the police is to protect life and property and this is what the Sierra Leone Police will uphold and maintain. He was quick to say, “Some members of the public contribute to the terrorism of cliques and gangs. Some people are also accomplices to crimes, and when the police act tough, they cry foul”.

“When you flout the law and you are found wanting, the law will definitely take its course”, Shyllon concluded.