Reports reveal that cliques in Fullah Town reportedly stabbed to death a driver bearing the name- Ishmael Suma, on Sunday 29th August 2016.


Alpha Rashid the deceased’s boss explained that the late man was coming from Aberdeen Beach when cliques, who were earlier involved in fierce intra- fighting, allegedly descended on him.

Residents intimated that they were unable to go about their normal business at that material time adding that the deceased was his personal driver, who was dressed in the Fullah Town Football team jersey, on that fateful day, when he was attacked by cliques, as he approached Frederick Street.

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“The deceased was accused by his attackers of supporting the Fullah Town Football Team.”

He also unearthed that Suma was rushed to the hospital where he later passed away.

“This is not the first time these hoodlums have engaged in such an inimical act. Now Suma’s life has been taken away by useless individuals who don’t have any hope in life,” he lamented.

It all started at the Parade Grounds where two groups of cliques started fighting for supremacy, following a break- up between those who regard themselves as blues and those who called themselves black, eyewitnesses narrated.

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Kelvin Samura, who is Assistant Superintendent of Police of the Eastern Police Division, explained that they received a report of stabbing, but when they rushed to the scene, the cliques had disappeared.

“Investigation is ongoing. The Fullah Town community is notorious for violent crimes.” The deceased’s body is presently at the Connaught Hospital, undergoing postmortem.