Choithram opened the biggest supermarket in Sierra Leone last Friday in Wellington East of Freetown. The 6,000 square feet structure with a parking lot that could accommodate up to 50 vehicles is fully air-conditioned and computerized.

Choithram Sierra Leone

It is not just the largest in the country but the first supermarket in the east of the capital Freetown meeting International standards, Mr. Harish Agnani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T Choithram & Sons Ltd said in an interview.

“We believe in serving the public to give people in the East a proper shopping experience. The prices are also low compared to any shopping outlet in Freetown,” Mr. Agnani said. “We offer a unique experience for disabled people as they could ride their wheelchairs into the supermarket and buy whatever they want all by themselves.”

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This is the fourth supermarket that Choithram has established in the country. The company has two supermarkets in the central business district of Freetown one is at Kroo Town Road and the other is at Rawdon Street. The third supermarket is in Kenema City and Wellington is the fourth.

For a start, the company has employed 35 Sierra Leoneans ranging from cleaner to supervisor to run the Wellington supermarket, Mr. Agnani said.

Esther Lebbie residing at Peacock Farm Wellington and Mrs. Fatmata Gborie of Old Wharf Wellington are friends. Both walked into the supermarket around 10am of 1st April.

“In the past we needed to go to central Freetown to buy items in a supermarket. We had to cope with the traffic congestion and spend so much time on the road,” Fatmata Gborie said. “Now, I think we only have to walk or take a motor bike to reach the supermarket. This has cut down on transport fare and wasting so much time in traffic,” She stressed.

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Esther Lebbie, was thrilled as she walked to the cashier to pay for the things she took from the shelves and placed in the shopping basket she carried around said, “this will make shopping comfortable for us. Everything is in this supermarket.”

Choithram started operating in Sierra Leone in 1944 and its first business outlet was a shop at Krootown Road in central Freetown. After seventy years in business, T Choithram and Sons Ltd does not only own supermarkets, the company operates Choithram Memorial Hospital one of the best private hospitals (if not the best) in the country.