Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Zhao Yanbo during the Chinese New Year celebration on Tuesday at the Embassy told guests that China’s post-ebola help to Sierra Leone has already started as they are working with the government to build a better Sierra Leone.

Zhao Yanbo - Sierra Leone

Ambassador Zhao said after discussing with President Koroma, President Xi Jinping has announced that China will help construct a West Africa Tropical Disease Research Centre that will be of immense value to the sub region in medical research.

“10 more Chinese doctors will arrive next month at the Jui Sino-Sierra Leone Friendship hospital to begin performing major operations in the country. Also, there is a Chinese medical team in town doing feasibility studies with the Military 34 Hospital as we intend to construct P3 Biosafety Lab for them as they did very well during the ebola crisis.”

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The Ambassador said two schools in Makali are under construction and they will be completed this year, and also they have increased the number of scholarships to China this year to 50. “On the short courses, we have also increased the number of programs as we intend to capacitate many more Sierra Leoneans to help improve their country.”

Talking about electricity, Ambassador Zhao said the three hydro power stations are on-going and will be generating electricity later this year. The three hydro – Charlotte, Port Loko and Makali, in total, will generate 6.6 megawatts for the country.

“We are going to construct two more roads for Sierra Leone as part of our grants as well as those I have mentioned above. We will not relent, we will continue to work with Sierra Leone and because we trust the friendship between the two countries, we will make sure other projects are identified and try to help.”

Amb. Zhao, in a confident mood, said the Mamamah airport will be constructed and said he is very confident that these economic interactions will inject strong momentum to the post-ebola recovery plan of the country.

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Talking about the Shandong Company in Tonkolili, he said they have resumed operation in spite of the serious challenges facing the prices. He said Iron Ore brought high revenue to the country before the price collapsed, which affected the companies in Sierra Leone.

“Let me reiterate that this Chinese New Year is the year of the Monkey and according to our zodiac, Chinese people think Monkeys are smart, intelligent, brave and energetic. So, this year of 2016 will be full of vitality, progress and fortune.”