Police in Sierra Leone are investigating the gruesome death of a young man in the south-eastern city of Kenema, which took place yesterday.

Mohamed Fonnie

It is suspected that the young man who has been named as Mohamed Fonnie – alias Abacha, was murdered.

There are allegations that the dead man was a supporter of the former chairman of the opposition SLPP – John Oponjo Benjamin, who is also believed to be interested in competing for the 2018 presidential candidacy of the SLPP.

A supporter of the SLPP presidential candidate for the 2012 elections in Sierra Leone – retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio is suspected of stabbing the young man to death with a knife.

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Maada Bio is also one of the nine contenders of the 2018 SLPP presidential candidacy.

According to report by Umaru Fofana in Freetown, the chief of police in eastern Sierra Leone – AIG Karrow-Kamara, said that the death is related to an intra-party political dispute among members and supporters of the opposition SLPP in Kenema.

AIG Karrow-Kamara said that the alleged assailant is a supporter of retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio, and the victim was supporting John Oponjo Benjamin.

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In another account, “Fight broke out in the Eastern city of Kenema between supporters of John Oponjo Benjamin and Julius Maada Bio, which resulted to a death of a youth.

According to a close source, a committee comprising John Benjamin, Somaneh Kapen, Tondenne, Bernadette Lahai were in Kenema to look into the affairs and modalities in conducting lower level executive elections, among others, but could not agree on the membership of the committee. The meeting was then postponed to another day.

After John Benjamin had left, notorious youth called Fonnie aka Abacha a diehard Maada Bio supporter chased John Benjamin’s convoy and John Stopped his vehicle. A youth from John’s camp ran to his vehicle to know what had happened.

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Fonnie aka Abacha stabbed the youth and escaped. Police was alerted the injured youth was then taken to hospital by the police. It is now confirmed dead.”

An emergency response expert, commenting on the photo of the stab wound released by the police, said: “The victim was stabbed so badly and deeply on the back that his intestines came out through his back. This was a massive and probably jagged knife made with the intention to kill.”

SLPP Member Stabbed

Unconfirmed report says that the retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio is distancing himself from the murder and is calling for a police investigation into who murdered the young man and the circumstances of his death.

It is understood that Julius Maada Bio was on the eastern radio in Kenema where he “condemned all forms of violence and intimidation, urging the police to investigate and prosecute anyone found wanting of perpetrating violence irrespective of camp or political affiliation.”