Some Members (Ishmael Kandeh Kamara Youth Secretary General, Osman Kandeh Kamara MMO, Sorie Sankoh PDF Commander, Sheriff Kamara, Mohamed Massaquoi Organizing Secretary, Alimamy Kamara and Andrew Sesay) of the APC Youth Executive in Bo City have expressed their unflinching support for the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma who they described as the perfect choice by God for leadership of this country due to his good and godly character.


They expressed their support last weekend in the heart of Bo City (Shellmingo Area) where they were seen wearing APC T-shirts demonstrating and marshalling support for the APC party.

Sheriff Kamara alias Councilor Constituency 68 Youth Chairman (aspiring Councilor) explained that they are sure about the politics of the APC and that is why they have stood firm in following the lead of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

“We the youths of Bo have no doubt in the leadership of President Koroma and therefore call for more time for his administration for a better Sierra Leone,” and also explained that before now Bo was an opposition stronghold but this trend is changing with peaceful political tolerance and cohesion.

The youths said that as a ruling government they are in the business of peace sustenance highlighting that; “Our work for now is to sell the idea of more time for the APC as a party and urge everyone to be patient as with more time more development will come to Bo.

We don’t know strong hold in Bo all we know is that the APC is stronger today in Bo unlike previously.

This can be seen by the way we gave special welcoming to President Koroma in Bo city unlike to no other part of the south and east that he did visited,” the youths echoed.

However, as a way of appeal the youths say they are faced with minor obstacles sometimes in the hands of the opposition but emphasized the need for political tolerance.

They said: “all what we need is for the APC to develop a better Sierra Leone, we don’t mind all the confrontation and humiliation because politics is about time and people.

We want people to know that there is time for politics and there is time to rule.”

They nonetheless encouraged President Koroma to keep it up as he has more time to develop the country without any iota of doubt.

“People are saying ‘God e will’, I feel Ernest Koroma is the will of God if we can take a look at his leadership – his transparency, accountability and sharpness,” they noted.

However, the youths were demonstrating this support at a time that one of the opposition SLPP aspiring flag bearers Dr. KYY was also in Bo doing his political mobilization.