• By Abu Sorie

In spite of repeated warning from PPRC the Maada Bio and his chosen SLPP national officers have refused to account for millions of dollars received as donations to the party for the 2012 elections, the sales of party cards and other revenues received by the party secretariat from 2012 to 2016.

Maada Bio Must Account

Some sources alleged that Mr. Bio as the presidential aspirant received in cash several millions of dollars for the campaign and also received in-kind contributions of vehicles and other campaign materials. Mr. Bio and his running mate have rejected repeated calls for him to account for what some estimate to be about $2 million.

His refusal to comply could lead to the de-registration of the SLPP, and the end of its existence after 60 years. The PPRC Act states that “Every political party, within sixty days after the declaration of the results of a public election in which it has participated , submit to the Commision a detailed statement in such form as the Commission may prescribe of all expenditure incurred either by the party or a candidate put up or supported by the political party specifying the manner in what ch the expenditure was in murres”.

The Treasurer and The Head of Administration Must Account

The PPRC act is clear about the responsibility of political parties to submit their audited accounts every year. Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) Act of 2002 states “The accounts of every political party shall be audited following standard audit procedure not later than three months after the end of each year by an auditor referred to in subsection (3) of section 20 and a copy of the audited accounts shall be filed by the political party with the Commission within the period of three months referred to in this subsection”.

If the party fails to comply the PPRC can cancel their registration and ban the party. In fact the APC or PMDC can ask the Commission or the Supreme Court to disqualify SLPP from contesting all elections and then ban the party.

Some wonder whether Bio and some of these official will put their party at such risk. Some speculate that they are working for the APC due to the transfer of brown envelopes and the promise of political positions.