Are you a Super Fan of Sierraloaded?

Would you like to be Part of the Sierraloaded Team?

Do you want to be recognised for feeding thousands of Sierra Leoneans home and abroad with valuable information everyday?

Here’s the opportunity to join the network team of the largest and most visited website in Sierra Leone.

Sierraloaded is recruiting like-minded individuals who will participate in the daily running of the Sierraloaded website in providing valuable information to Sierra Leoneans around the globe.

Do you think you have what it takes to do what Sierraloaded does? Take advantage of this opportunity!

Sierraloaded wants people who are abreast with information in Entertainment (Music, Videos, Movies, Fashion & Events), News, Politics, Crime, Sports, Mobile Technology, Business, Education, Jobs and Career development, Health, Relationships, e.t.c


1. You must have daily access to information in your specified area or field.

2. You must have been an hardcore internet user, You will be required to be online at all times of day.

3. You must have vast knowledge of mobile technology and the internet.

4. You must NOT be a member of any political party if you’re applying to join the Politics team.

5. You must have completed your SCCE. Good command of English language and brilliant communication skills is required.

6. You must have an email account and be active on all major social network. (Facebook & Twitter Compulsory)

7. You must be a Sierra Leonean, at home or diaspora.

How to Apply

Send the following details to

Full name, Phone number (Make sure you submit your WhatsApp number), Email, Area of Specialization, A short analysis of how to you intend to improve the services of Sierraloaded if admitted into the team and any background experience in your area of specialization.

We will contact you after review of your application. Please do note that the analysis and background knowledge of your area of specialization is crucial to your admissibility into the team.

Application opens from Monday December 7th and closes on Saturday December 12th 2015.

For more information, Please talk to us on WhatsApp, +23244761561 or Email us

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an employment recruitment or a Job offer. Members of the Sierraloaded Team works at their own expense as Sierraloaded would not pay for your services. But, often times, we will reward active and hardworking team members with handsome grants and aid.