Certain pupils currently taking the BECE exams have complained about time allocation for exams.

sierra leone students

According to some pupils of the Logos Academy at SS Camp, they were informed by their school authorities that their exam centre was at the Albert Academy but it wasn’t so on the first day as they claim to have only been informed on arrival at the said venue that they have been transfered to Matili Academy at Hill Station.

Upon arrival at the new venue they allege that no extra time was given to them in consideration of the miscommunication. They claim to have spent half the time for the exam and some of them are worried.

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“Even the day we sat to English Language we didn’t start our exam on time so we were given half the time for the exam. We don’t know what happened but the invigilators didn’t give us extra time. I barely had enough time answer the questions after I was done writing my composition.”, Recounted one of the pupils.

This is to inform parents/guardians and authorities of happenings and to properly look into the examination process.