As the preliminary investigation into the murder trial of Hannah Bockarie continues at the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.1, presided by Magistrate Komba Kamanda, some discrepancy has emerged as to whether the second accused is mentally ill or not.

Freetown Rape Protest 2

Last week, defense counsel for second accused Paul Corn, A. Bah made an application of the defence of insanity on behalf of his patient, whom he said had escaped from the Kissy Mental Home in Freetown and was not fit to stand trial before the court, thus urging the magistrate to discharge him.

The magistrate had ordered counsel to produce a medical certificate to ascertain the insanity claim.

But after the certificate was presented to the court yesterday, it was discovered that it has a different family name.

The magistrate as a result instructed the defence to produce the birth certificate of the accused person when the court resumes hearing the matter on 7 December.

Police at the Criminal Investigation Department had charged Mohamed Lamin Kamara and Paul Corn with the murder of Hannah Bockarie, whose naked body was found abandoned at Lumley-Aberdeen beach in Freetown this August.

The discovery sparked a peaceful protest from women?s and human rights campaigners who called for justice for the victim and an end to violence against women.