The fight against HIV/AIDS continues as Business Coalition Against Aids Sierra Leone (BCAASL) yesterday installed a condom dispenser at the Aureol Insurance Company’s, Kissy House office, Siaka Steven Street.

Condoms In Use

This is not the first installation by the coalition; so far about 10 companies have benefited from such life saving condom dispensers, since 2014.

Aureol Insurance Company (AIC) is rated amongst the 10 most active companies in the coalition that comprises of slightly over forty companies.

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Immediately after the condom dispenser was installed at AIC, some staff members were at first sheepishly bemused and reluctant to withdraw condoms from the dispenser, but however, mustered up some courage after stout spirited staff broke the barrier by grabbing few condoms from the dispenser.

BCAASL rep, Amiru Daboh explained to staff that the dispenser would not only serve the needs of staff at AIC but also clients and other tenants that occupied the edifice. He encouraged AIC staff to make good use of the condoms, noting that BCAASL had given AIC top management boxes of condoms to refill the dispenser for the next six months.

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Business Coalition focal person, Marian Kargbo ,who is also the AIC internal Auditor also encouraged AIC staff to use the condom dispenser, stressing that the culture of condom usage will protect them from Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and will subsequently save their lives.
AIC Human Resource Manager, Viola Jones also stressed that the dispenser will not only serve their staff but staff and clients of other offices that occupy the building.

She explained that BCAASL has done a lot in educating staff about safe sex, condom usage, STDs and HIV/AIDS.

“Our staff have benefited from such training and have put the knowledge gained into practice, that is why we have very healthy staffs that are doing very well,” she averred.