A cross section of youths, within the APC, is calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to commence investigations into the activities of the Ministry of Youth Affairs headed by Bai Mahmoud Bangura and the National Youth Commission (NAYCOM).

Bai Mamoud SL

The reasons, they stressed, are that since he took over as Minister of Youth Affairs approximately six months ago, Bai Mamoud Bangura is alleged to have unlawfully laid-off many staff working at the Ministry’s National Youth Farm at Masalai Village at Masiaka.

Mr Bangura, who also doubles as president of the All People’s Congress (APC) National Youth League (NYL), is also being accused of having done little or nothing with regards to the lack of transparency in the management of the 70 fishing boats commissioned by his predecessor.

The Youth Minister is yet to explain the reason(s) behind the delay with regards the extension of the youth farm into other areas. He is also yet to explain why the Drainage Clearing Project has collapsed and why the Road Maintenance Fund has suspended its funding on that project.

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The youths also state that other reasons for which they have resolved into calling on the attention of the ACC include the alleged financial misappropriation and unlawful withholding of salaries of youths engaged in the Drainage Clearing Project and the secrecy surrounding the status of the National Youth Empowerment Fund.

The “concerned youths” furthered that since Bai Mamoud Bangura took over the MOYA, they have had little or nothing with regards the establishment of the National Youth Councils nationwide, a project which, according to them, was almost coming into fruition before Hon. Alimamy Kamara was relieved as Minister.

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The youths also express concern over the status of the National Youth Service Scheme, an ambitious project of which ground work was laid by the former Youth Minister.

“It is as a result of all of the above that we, as youths, are now questioning the competency of Bai Mamoud. We believe the workload is too heavy for him. He needs to be relieved off some of those duties so that he might able to work effectively,” noted one of the youths.