The Auditor General has categorically stated in her report to Parliament that, out of the total remittances from the transit account at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank to the Bank of Sierra Leone, the sum of Le103, 178,000 could not be traced to the treasury account at the Bank of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Immigration Office

It was recommended that the Chief Immigration Officer should provide an explanation why that amount could not be traced to the bank statement within 30 days of the receipt of the report, and evidence forwarded for verification.

In addition, weaknesses in the issuance of passports were also mentioned in the report, that a list of rejected applicants was not maintained and there was no reconciliation between passports authorized to those produced.

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According to the audit report there is no standard imprest system, that is to say there was no imprest policy in place such that can handle petty cash transactions.

A review of personal files by the auditors reveals that copies of relevant documents such as acceptance letters, appointment letters, educational and professional background and leave letters were not in staff personal files. Names and Pin codes of staff also not in the personnel files.

Government revenue in the Northern Region not accounted for, that is to say, a comparison between the bank pay-in-slips of the National Revenue Authority and the cashbook of the Immigration Department, in respect of the sale of passports, reveals a difference of Le6, 200,000 which was not brought to account.

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The auditors revealed that during the audit, they followed up all recommendations made in previous years. It was, however, noted that the sum of Le209, 460,000 in respect of the sale of passports and registration of non-citizens was not brought to account.

Funds allocated not accounted for by the Regional Office in the South, according to the report, a review of information from the immigration headquarters in Freetown revealed that on 23rd January, 2014, the amount of Le74, 480, 000 was allocated for the smooth running of the regional office.

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According to audit report, the Department lacks basic fixed assets such as tables, cabinets, and chairs and that the furniture found in the office premises are the properties of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development which is sharing the same office floor with the Immigration Department. It was also observed that a desktop computer and a refrigerator found in the office of the Assistant Director were his personal property and not that of the office contrary to the provisions in the financial management regulations.

The auditors followed up all recommendations made in previous years and it was revealed that the sum of Le23, 000,000 was paid as imprest to various section heads for which there were no retirement details, the sum of Le66, 824,000 expended to procure stationery items was not entered in the store allocated ledger; and revenue to the tune of Le323, 167,200 from the sale of passports and passport forms were not brought to account.