A review of the monthly diet schedule in the contract agreement and the records maintained for all patients admitted in the hospital during 2014 reveals that a proper needs assessment was not done by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation before awarding contract for the supply of diets and sundry items to the Bo Government Hospital.

Bo Government Hospital

According to the Auditor General’s report the schedule of requirements indicated that 450 patients were catered for each day and this gave a yearly total of 164,250 patients. However, an analysis of the hospital admission records for 2014 indicated that 38,276 patients were admitted during 2014, this according to the report gave a difference of 125,974 patients between expected and actual beneficiaries leading to an expected loss in diets supply of Le1, 070,000,000.

The report further reveals that 67.7 KVA and 30 KVA generators were verified as alternative electricity supply in the case of blackout from the national power suppliers (EDSA/BKPS). During an assessment of the operations of the generators, it was revealed that there were frequent breakdown and that the generators could not supply electricity to the entire hospital.

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The team of auditors visited various departments and wards of the hospital and observed that there was lack of basic equipment and facilities for the effective and efficient operation of the hospital and thus undermining the delivery of quality basic health care services to the populace.

The auditors verified five Medical Doctors attached to the hospital. It was observed that specialist doctors such as pediatrics, radiologists, psychiatrist, orthopedics, surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, obstetrics and gynecologists, dentists’, anesthetists, cardiologists and physiotherapists were yet to be assigned to the hospital.

It was further revealed that no evidence in the form of minutes or other documentation to indicate that the Hospital Board was operational for the effective monitoring, supervision and control of the hospital activities and operations, contrary to the Hospital Boards Act, 2003.