Attorney General and Minister of Justice Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) has told Awoko that he is a card carrying member of the All People’s Congress (APC) and has been so for a long time now.

Joseph Kamara

Before now, Joseph Kamara was seen as much more of a professional lawyer than a Politician. He was a prosecutor at the Law Officers then a prosecutor again at the Special Court where he was the deputy and again as the Anti Corruption Commissioner, which is again largely a professional legal role.

However these days he is now being seen increasingly playing the role of a politician. Answering the question as to when did he make the transition to start being a politician or was it something he was nurturing secretly, JFK responded softly to the question saying “once a lawyer is always a lawyer. I have always made it clear that I am ready to serve his Excellency the President and the people of this country in the capacity I am able and competent to do so. So it has pleased the president that I serve in the present capacity as Attorney General and Minister of Justice and that is what I am doing.”

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He explained that the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice, has two hats “one that is professional which is the Attorney General and the other is the Minister of Justice which is political. We need to maintain a fine balance, that is where your integrity comes to play and that is where your professional competence is tested.”

Joseph Kamara went on “so the challenges there for me is to ensure that I have a fine balance. In the aspect of the professional side I have been in the profession for the past 25 years now so I am very comfortable, and for the political side, Politics is human. You don’t get training for it as politics is part of everybody, it starts with you in life. You have politics in the family, school, work place politics and national politics. When you vote you exercise your franchise, you participate in politics so being a politician is everybody’s job and everybody’s conscience.”

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Asked whether he has any intention of vying for the flag bearer of APC, Kamara took his time to respond to the question “for now my focus is on my job, my focus is on the deliverables of which I am expected to perform. At this stage there is only one leader of the APC government that I serve …. the President.”

Recently critics have alleged that Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara is not a card-carrying member of the APC. Asked to clarify, he responded with a smile, “yes I am a card carrying member of the APC and I have been one for a very long time.”