Contrary to the speculations of conspiracy theorists and detractors, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Hon. Joseph F. Kamara has successfully convinced parliamentarians to unanimously agree to continue with the voter and civil registration exercise.

The learned Attorney General lectured the Parliamentarians on Tuesday 4th April 2017 on the constitutional implications of stopping one and leaving the other as they both work in tandem.

Recall that the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. SBB Dumbuya earlier informed MPs and the public that Hon. Joseph F. Kamara, Attorney General and Minister of Justice had no hands in the delay caused by NEC to lay the statutory instruments on the de-amalgamation of boundaries/constituencies and civil and voter registration exercise.

The Speaker said that it was the responsibility of NEC and its Chairman, N’fa Alie Conteh had accepted that in Committee Room 1 last Monday.

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Hon. Dumbuya, told the House that it is the responsibility of Parliament to do things in accordance with the law but in doing so should not deprive their voters of their rights.He emphatically told the House that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice had no blame in the entire process of enacting the statutory instruments, but will be given the opportunity as principal legal adviser to the government to make a statement and guide the house.

“Parliament is right and NEC is wrong” were the words of the Speaker.

The Attorney General in his usual humble and calm mood prefaced his statement by informing the house that he did not go to Parliament to defend himself or cast aspersions at anyone but help move the process forward.

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JFK, amidst thunderous applause from both sides of the aisle advised MPs that the voter and the civil registration are two wheels of a chariot that cannot be divorced from each other. Since the process has already started,Parliament should allow the voter/civil registration to continue while his office, in consultation with NEC, make the necessary amendments to the two instruments in the shortest possible time.

Parliament unanimously agreed with the Attorney General and adjourned to Wednesday 5th April by which time all sections that require amendment would have been addressed.